Ebytown Food Co-op 2003 Annual General Meeting

7 pm, Monday, April 28, 2003

The Working Centre, 43 Queen St. S., Kitchener

Present: Maria Hazinpantelis, Judy Bruyn, Ashok Thirumurthi, Caterina Lindman, Karin Kliewer, Sarah Anderson, Andrew Barker, Steve Ohi, Matt Corks, George Ashcroft, Don Weber, Julian Van Mossel, Neill Stewart, Aylwin Lo (non-member), Emma Canham, Colan Schwartz, Caterina Lindman, Andrew Barker, Greg Roberts, Petr Bakus, Robby Brooks (non-member), Borjana D. Vincic, Steve Izma, Zeljko Vincic

Board Portfolio Reports

Store Manager (Ashok)

Ashok summarized the following projects for the storefront for the past year:

Finances (Andrew)

After the designated two-year term, Andrew announced that he will resign from the Board effective June 1.

Andrew reported that the Ebytown bank balance has varied between $1,500 and $2,000 for the past two years.

Steve Izma informed members that in prior years, cash flow was primarily generated from member loans according to the financial statement, spoilage was itemized separately. A correction should be made so that spoilage is included in the inventory numbers.

Books are in good shape (in large part thanks to the new after hours system on the computer).

Member Relations (Matt)

The store has approximately 60 active members. The store is open three to four shifts on average.

Purchasing (Maria)

Maria reported that ONFC is running into cash flow problems and is looking at alternatives which include remaining a co-op, entering into a partnership or being bought out. ONFC has scheduled a meeting on May 5th to vote on a plan of action or alternatively, provide notification if the ONFC board has already made a decision by that date.

Regarding ONFC finances, ONFC has always had capitalization problems. Maria mentioned that ONFC has considered fundraising from it's members.

Steve Izma suggested that if alternative suppliers are considered, he would prefer that Ebytown work with small scale producers or distributors rather rather that large corporations. He mentioned that Ebytown did purchase from small suppliers in the past and that this involved members driving out to local producers addresses.

Maria gave an overview of the survey results.

New Business

Long-term Planning Committee

Karin gave an overview of the Long-term Planning Committee.

Ebytown has applied for four separate grants which are:

Karin mentioned that fundraisers are being considered. One such fundraiser involves selling Barter$ for cash via gift certificates to Ebytown. Fundraising campaigns will be timed with the move to a new location.

Request for Volunteers

Ashok raised the issue of openings for cocos and board members. The Cocoa Coco position is open as well as the following board portfolios: Maria is retiring from the Board Purchasing portfolio, Andrew is retiring from the Board Finance portfolio and Steve is retiring from the Community Relations portfolio. Colan volunteered to takeover the Cocoa Coco position as well as a board portfolio (the exact board portfolio will be determined at a later date). Petr Bakus, George Ashcroft and Emma Canham also volunteered to join the board, their portfolios to be decided at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.. An informal discussion regarding Ebytown's future for the store took place.