Ebytown Food Coop

Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

81 York St., Kitchener

7:30-9:30 pm

Present: Emma, Catarina, Colin, George, Judy (Guest/Recorder)

The agenda was set:

  1. sign for Ebytown

  2. freezer update

  3. potluck dinners

  4. new schedule/role of Co Co’s

  5. Festive Fair

  6. newsletter

  7. new products

  8. AGM

  9. pricing structure

  10. banking

  11. Coke cooler

  12. lock change

  13. Willy Street Coop

  14. computer account

  15. inventory

  16. bathroom at Ebytown

  1. Sign for Ebytown: Catarina will talk with Jesse about making another arrow on the sign to indicate new store hours. Possibility of a lighted sign was discussed; Jesse will be asked to investigate.

  2. Freezer update: All board members agreed that a new freezer will be purchased since we now have support from the general membership to try to revitalize the Coop. George will look after purchasing the freezer and having it delivered.

  3. Potluck dinners: Catarina said that the next potluck for all Ebytown members will be held on Thursday, Nov. 25, 6:30 pm, at Sarah & Julian’s home on Adelaide Street. Future potlucks will possibly be held in the party room at 75 York Street. George will arrange the room bookings.

  4. New store schedule/role of the Co Co’s: Catarina distributed the shift schedule for the next four months. Board members agreed that the Co Co’s will make reminder calls about 10 days in advance.

  5. Festive Fair (at 43 Queen Street): Emma will register Ebytown Food Coop, order some food, and put together gift baskets for the event on Saturday, Dec. 4. The Festive Fair is also being held on Saturday, Nov. 27.

  6. Newsletter: George suggested that Ebytown consider participating with BarterWorks in a joint newsletter, as a cost-sharing venture. He has presented his suggestion to BarterWorks board members also; they will consider it and discuss it at their next meeting in January. Emma knows of Ebytown members who will write articles. Emma will discuss with Steve Izma his thoughts on the idea of blending the current Telescoop newsletter with the BarterWorks newsletter.

  7. New Products: Catarina will get ONFC’s “top 50” list. Judy has compiled one from Grain Process. George suggested that Ebytown start to carry organic pet food and organic gardening supplies at the store. George will investigate the organic pet food; he will work with Karen Kliewer who is interested in researching the organic garden supplies.

  8. AGM: George suggested that the annual meeting be held early in the new year. The date will be set at the December 7 board meeting, possibly in February. Location will possibly be the 75 York Street party room.

  9. Pricing structure: George suggested eliminating the current member discounts and the member fees, pointing out that the amount of working capital should increase. He also suggested a change in the mark-up schedule. These ideas will be considered and discussed later.

  10. Banking: George asked Catarina about the convenience of the current banking at the Waterloo Credit Union. He has discovered that considerable money can be saved in fees if Ebytown’s account were changed to the Royal Bank ($4.50/mo. flat fee). He estimates that the amount saved could be over $100/yr. Board members agreed to switch to the Royal Bank.

  11. Coke cooler: George has called the Coke company and found out that an account has to be opened, in order to obtain a cooler. Consequently, no cooler will be set up at Ebytown.

  12. Lock change: Catarina will contact Jesse about changing the store lock at year end. Members will be told the new combo.

  13. Willy Street Coop: Judy told about her recent visit to Willy Street Coop in Madison, Wisconsin. George showed members a newsletter and a pamphlet from the food/grocery coop, and talked about some of the history and problems faced during its development to its present successful venture.

  14. Computer account: Colin said that Kay Biefer will keep the Ebytown web page up to date.

  15. Inventory: Catarina suggested that we do the annual store inventory on Sunday, January 2/’05. About 10 members will be needed to help out. If not enough members are available, the date will be changed to Sunday, January 9.

  16. Bathroom: Catarina mentioned that the bathroom which Ebytown members use is not being kept clean. Colin stated that there was an understanding that WCRI would clean it, but no one seems to claim the responsibility. Paper towels will be placed in the bathroom. Colin will discuss the issue of cleaning the bathroom with Peter, WCRI Community Relations.

Next board meeting: December 7, 7:00 pm, at George’s home (81 York St.)