Ebytown Food Coop

Board Meeting

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

81 York St., Kitchener

7:00-9:15 pm

Present: Emma, Caterina, Colin, George, Judy (Guest/Recorder)

The minutes of the November 7, 2004 meeting were approved.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting was set:

  1. sign for Ebytown - update
  2. tracking of sales
  3. purchasing - update
  4. year-end inventory
  5. shift scheduling
  6. Majestic Mud items
  7. Festive Fair report
  8. store administration
  9. food spoilage
  10. AGM
  11. pricing structure
  12. Coke cooler - update
  13. Royal Bank - update
  1. Sign for Ebytown: Caterina reported that Jesse is working on the issue of installing lighting on the store sign and he will let her know the progress. The possibility of a solar light was suggested. Jesse will be asked to check it out, and will work on posting the store hours on the sign.
  2. Tracking of sales: Caterina reported that sales are up, but some shifts have no customers. She has done monthly camparables for 2002, 2003, and 2004 to date, and will graph them. Sales for November ’04 were higher than November ’03.
  3. Update on purchasing: Caterina reported that she and Lilja Palsson have found a source for organic eggs and organic honey. They will get 8 dozen eggs to sell at the store. Caterina will look into a source for shampoo and dish detergent. George raised the idea of selling organic popcorn and organic baby food. The board felt that popcorn would likely sell to students. Colan suggested that we get organic popcorn to test the sales potential. George will look at possible sources. Judy will see if she can get some from Willy Street Coop. George will continue to look into suppliers of organic pet food.
  4. Year-end inventory:
  5. a) Caterina said that the date has been changed from Sunday, January 2 to Sunday, January 9, 1-5 p.m., followed by a potluck supper for all Ebytown members at 6:00 p.m. at 75 York St. party room. ****

    **** POST-MEETING NOTE: The location of the potluck has been changed to 130 Mount Hope St. party room.****

    b) George discussed spices that were ordered from Grain Process, and will look at what is ordered from ONFC and the timelines for the past orders. Caterina explained that most spices are ordered from ONFC, with Grain Process being the secondary source. George asked the board to consider such issues as what spice items have value and are selling, what spices should be discontinued, what is the best use of store space, what sells and what doesn’t. Should we downsize the variety of spices for sale? He suggested that we could mark down the inventory that needs to be "moved". A list of the Top 100 best sellers from ONFC was handed out and board members were asked to look at it for discussion in the future. George has the Top 50 list from Grain Process and commented that we are buying most of the items currently. George also discussed various methods of inventory monitoring and control, and will talk with Dawn about a system.

  6. Shift scheduling: Caterina reported that 28 members were needed to staff the Monday to Friday evening shifts and 2 shifts on Saturdays. Some members have been paired up on a shift. The schedule has been set to Feb. 26/’05. So far, there have been no shift cancellations ("no shows"), as far as we know. Co Co’s are calling with reminders. The store will be closed between Christmas and New Years.
  7. Majestic Mud items: Emma discussed the possibility of selling Oni eggs created by Shawna Morrissette, who owns Majestic Mud. The eggs are used for strength training of the vagina. The Board decided that Emma will get the minimum number possible and ask Shawna to set up a display at Ebytown, including pamphlets about the product.
  8. Festive Fair: Emma reported that Ebytown had sales of $63.00 at the Fair, mainly chocolate and drinks. She had made up gift packages, none of which sold. They are still wrapped and in the store for sale.
  9. Store administration: Colan told the board that Kay Biefer has updated the website; an e-mail list has been updated, with new members added. He will see if any board member can e-mail the member list without using Topica.
  10. Food spoilage: Board members discussed two conflicting viewpoints: Should food be thrown out (ie, wasted)? versus Is it damaging to the store image to have bad food for sale? The issue will be discussed at the Jan. 9th potluck supper.
  11. Newsletter: George talked with the BarterWorks board; there is some interest in a joint newsletter every second month. The suggestion is that Ebytown will work with the BarterWorks staff; the newsletter will be produced by Ebytown (Steve Izma) and then distributed. The idea will be discussed again at the Jan. 10 meeting of the BarterWorks board. Emma will contact potential writers.
  12. AGM: The AGM will be held Sunday, February 13 at 75 York St. party room, followed by a potluck supper.
  13. Pricing structure: George explained that this agenda item related to the idea of ending member fees and discounts because Ebytown is in need of operating money. This would provide a net gain to Ebytown of about $1,000 per year. Fees and discounts would be reinstated in a couple of years. This issue will be discussed by all members at the February AGM. George said that OHFC is going to start charging 1% on each invoice to improve their finances.
  14. Coke cooler: George will again tackle the idea of securing the Coke cooler at Waterloo Town Square.
  15. Royal Bank: George will look after changing our account from Waterloo Credit Union to Royal Bank.

Next board meeting: Date to be set at the January 9th pot luck supper.