Co-Op Developer Pilot Project Description

The objective of the co-op developer pilot project is to determine whether or not a permanent co-op developer position at Ebytown Food Co-Operative should be developed.

The pilot project will run for six months. During this time, Ebytown Food Co-operative members will be encouraged to contact the board of directors in order to pass on their opinions and feedback regarding the co-op developer position. Members will be contacted by co-co's in order to conduct a more formal member assessment of the position. After two months and again after four months, the board of directors and the co-op developer will meet to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot project based on the criteria agreed upon at the Ebytown Food Co-Op general meeting in October.

There are three main objectives for hiring a co-op developer at Ebytown Food Co-op:

Job Description of the Co-op Developer for the duration of the Pilot Project

The Co-op Developer will ensure consistency of store hours

The Co-op developer will co-ordinate and facilitate member involvement in the co-op

The following duties may be included in the co-op developer's duties as part of co-ordinating and facilitating member involvement, depending on the strengths of the developer:

The Co-op Developer will co-ordinate the day-to-day activities of the co-op

The Co-op Developer will contribute to long-term planning for Ebytown

The option also exists for volunteers to also assist or take the lead in any of these activities (as the opportunity currently exists) in addition to or instead of the Co-op Developer.

It will be necessary to develop a list of selection criteria including the necessary characteristics of the co-op developer as part of a more formal job description.

Pilot Project Evaluation Criteria

It will be necessary for the Board of Directors to start the pilot project with some basic data to be used later for comparison of store success before, during, and at the end of the pilot project. This data could include: average number of new members per month in the last year, average amount of sales per month, average number of storekeeper shifts being filled, level of member involvement in co-op, etc.


Member Involvement

Store Appearance

Community Outreach

Member Satisfaction

Job Description