"Shaping Our Future" Membership Questionnaire

In November 2001, at the previous Ebytown annual general meeting, the membership gave me approval to create and distribute a membership survey for Ebytown. I created the survey by working together with a group of committed Ebytown members who contributed many suggestions for questions. The survey was distributed in March 2002.

The purpose of the membership survey was two-fold:

  1. To determine the ways in which membership and member participation could be increased at Ebytown.
  2. To determine a picture of what members would like Ebytown to look like and how they would like Ebytown to function in the future.

The following recommendations are suggestions that stem from the frequency of responses to certain survey questions (e.g., 86.7% of members replied "yes" when asked if they would purchase local, organic produce from Ebytown) as well as the common themes that emerged from the responses member gave to open-ended questions (e.g., Describe your ideal vision for the future of Ebytown). I presented a summary report of the findings in July 2002 to the membership at an Ebytown community potluck.

Copies of both reports are available to all members at the Ebytown Food Co-operative by the front cash at the door.

With the goals of the membership survey in mind, I have prepared some general recommendations for the co-op to consider while generating plans for the future.


  1. Increase the number of member events or opportunities to be involved with other members at Ebytown. This can be accomplished through:
  2. Increase and improve communication at Ebytown between members and between the Board and the membership. This can be accomplished through:
  3. Increase our community profile. This can be accomplished through:
  4. Plan and implement steps to facilitate the relocation of Ebytown to a more visible, accessible, and central location. This can be accomplished through: