Ebytown General Meeting -- October 24, 2000

At The Working Centre, 43 Queen St. E., Kitchener
Potluck at 6 PM, Meeting 7-9 PM

Present: Orest Lytwyn, Sarah Anderson, Karina, Dave Roewade, Stephanie Holmes, Chris Kuhl, truckdriver Bill, Steve Ohi, Ayel Dinner, Suzanne Galloway, Christine Bishop, Matt Corks, Rebekah Rempel, Karin Kliewer, Greg Roberts, Melissa Chance, Linda Nagel, Mark Côté, Richard Crispin, Steve Izma, Aysa N. September
Facilitator: Orest, Minutes: Karin

1.) Opening

Go-around with names, and what one thing would you change about Ebytown?

info./education regarding the community and global stuff have baked goods larger complex
events that reach community at large community place vibrant shop
grow vegetables & fruit outside decorations/murals open more
greater community presence discount structure no moths
hub of community activity culture of food sharing location location
expand beyond four walls Ebytown farm/greenhouse location location

2.) Annual Membership Fee

Sarah facilitated



  1. cap fee at $300
  2. cap fee and replace loan with fee (i.e. loan count toward the membership fee)
  3. fluctuate per semester according to flux of Ebytown Co-op financial situation


It is a conservative estimate that this will generate at least $1000/year for Ebytown.

  1. this would be used for unexpected repairs/costs related to the store (we need to keep a pocket of money in case of these situations-- fiscal responsibility!)
  2. help us keep track of active/non-active members at the store
  3. begin to increase Eby revenue to potentially pay part wages of a staff person/co-op developer at the store


Final Resolution:

  1. Annual Fee
  2. Continue Existing Loan Structure

All were in favour, no abstentions, none opposed.

3.) Discount Structure

Matt facilitated

Ebytown members are getting paid average of $4.50 per 3 hour shift-- and up to $35 per 3 hour shift (one example)


  1. $7 (Eby dollars) per shift plus a base discount of $2-- which becomes up to $30/month off per person that works full shifts
  2. family/shared households-- all eby$ earned would go into a shared house eby$ account and all $ would go out of the account when anyone from the house would be shopping
  3. could use the greatest discount of house member


It is the aim to treat all working Eby members equitably with other working Eby members. There has been some concern that shared households are receiving a greater amount of discount by using highest discount % of house member for non-working members shopping for an entire house.



To do more education of members (e.g. during orientation shifts, etc.) about not buying so much for large households unless house members can contribute in some way to volunteer time at Ebytown. This idea of what supporting/participating in a co-op is all about.



There was no vote. Matt will revisit this as we see how the new annual membership fee allows for fluctuation of $ at Ebytown. Wait to see new analysis of our situation. Revisit at new GM January 2001. Talk to Matt before GM if you have suggestions/comment. Matt will also include something in the December TelesCo-Op about this topic.

4.) Co-Op Developer Proposal

Karin facilitated

See job description-- enclosed.


6 month pilot project-- objective would be to see if we wanted to implement permanent position. Since last meeting (Sept. GM), research into grants has begun, but would like to vote on this proposal pending funding to give board more time to finalize money.





Final proposal is a 6 month pilot project, with these restrictions:

  1. pending funding
  2. suitable candidate
  3. food levels and operating expenses are not compromised/affected at Ebytown (the expenses for these should not be tapped into)
  4. summer would not be a good time to start this position
  5. up to the board to cover the legal questions

we would report back to members about where we're at in mid-December (in TelesCo-Op)

Greg moved, Sarah seconded-- all in favour, none opposed, none abstaining.