Ebytown Food Co-op 2002 Fall General Meeting

7 pm, Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Huether Hotel Board Room, Waterloo

Present: Ashok Thirumurthi, Maria Hatzipantelis, Caterina Lindman, Karin Kliewer, Sarah Anderson, Andrew Barker, Steve Ohi, Matt Corks, Dave Watson, Don Weber

Board Portfolio Reports

Store Manager (Ashok)

Member Relations (Dave)

Administration (Matt)

Purchasing (Maria)

Community Relations (Steve)

Finances (Andrew)

Committee Report / Market Strategies

WCRI Construction Update

Membership Survey Presentation

Maria presented the findings of her survey of the membership and gave those present two handouts on her results and a statistical summary of some key findings.

In brief, member's future visions for Ebytown include:

  1. active membership
  2. new location
  3. community outreach focus
  4. improved inventory
  5. sound organizational structures