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The Ebytown Food Co-Operative The Ebytown Food Co-Operative

Minutes of Meetings


Board Meeting, November 2004
Board Meeting, December 2004

Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meeting, November 2001
We met the new board, heard about what they've been up to, and got updated on on-going projects.

Annual General Meeting, March 2002
We had an update on grant applications, said farewell to two board members, and welcomed one new one.

Annual General Meeting, April 2003

General Meetings

General Meeting, September 2000
At this meeting, the co-op developer and discount revision proposals were discussed. Since we didn't have quorum, we decided to call another meeting in a month to discuss these ideas further, and do some further research in the interim.

General Meeting, October 2000
At this very well attended meeting, we passed the proposal to hire a co-op developer (contingent upon finding funding and a suitable candidate), and implement an annual membership fee. Members raised concerns about aspects of the discount restructuring proposal, and it was decided to study this issue further and postpone a vote until a later meeting.

General Meeting, May 2001
No business was voted upon at this brief meeting. Two new board members were appointed, a trial plan to shorten our hours was adopted, and members brainstormed about ways to fill our various volunteer positions.

General Meeting, October 2002

We discussed WCRI renovations, grant proposals, the membership survey, and other issues.

Report on the May 2003 ONFC AGM

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